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El Paso Museums & Cultural Affairs

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Chalk the Block is currently seeking volunteers for October 7-9, 2022.


Volunteers will be required to attend one orientation session October 1, 2022, from 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. at the Museum of History (510 N Santa Fe Street) in the Seminar Room prior to the event to discuss potential volunteer functions. Volunteers 16 years of age or older may participate. This volunteer opportunity counts toward community service hours. MCAD can provide documentation following the event.

The Event
On October 7-9, 2022, the City of El Paso Museums and Cultural Affairs Department (MCAD) in partnership with the El Paso Community Foundation will host Chalk the Block 15 (CTB15). CTB15 is a fun-filled event that will host entertaining activities for people of all ages, including chalk art competitions, a Kids Zone, an interactive public chalk area, temporary art installations, art vendors, live music, performances, great food, and much more!

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Volunteers will be assigned to the following areas as needed:

  • SITE PREP and TEARDOWN – includes tent set up, installation set up, and site preparation.
  • DEVELOPMENT AND EDUCATION – includes community chalk area.
  • LOGISTICS – includes a food court, water, and chalk distribution, and site maintenance. 

Assignments will be given at Volunteer check-in.


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Volunteer Agreement

I have volunteered my services and I hereby release the City of El Paso and El Paso Community Foundation and its officers, directors, employees, advisors, agents, patrons, and volunteers from any liability for any loss, cost, or damage to me or my property arising out of or in connection with my activities and/or time spent in connection with this volunteer work.

CTB staff will make every effort to ensure that your volunteer experience is convenient, enjoyable, and productive.

  • I agree to dress appropriately for my assignment, remembering that I am a volunteer and I represent the event.
  • I agree to respect the patrons/customers by being friendly and cooperative with them and guiding them to a staff member if necessary.
  • I agree to respect the function of the permanent staff and to contribute to maintaining professional relationships between the staff and myself.
  • I agree to carry out assignments in good spirit and to seek the assistance of my supervisor or another staff person whenever I have a question or have completed a project.
  • I agree to exercise caution when acting on the assigned department’s behalf in any situation and abide by all rules of the department and adhere to the City of El Paso’s Policy and Procedures, if applicable.
  • I understand that CTB staff may terminate volunteer services for any reason at any time, upon notice to the other party. CTB staff has no responsibility or liability because of such termination and no further responsibility or liability under this agreement after such termination.
  • I agree to perform services for CTB on a volunteer basis. I understand that I will receive no money or other form of compensation for such services.

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