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Economic Development

El Paso Makes: Innovation Factory Application Form

In order to be eligible for incentives and to lease space at the innovation factory, a person or a corporate entity must:

Fill-out and submit a complete application as provided by COEP, provide a business plan or proforma to include current and projected revenue, provide the number of employees; and provide detailed information about any proposed tenant improvements to property, if applicable.

Applicant Information

Applicant headquarters address

1.) If considered a startup, select your startup stage. The definitions provided are to be used only for the purposes of this application and the El Paso Makes Innovation Factory program.

2.) Business Structure

5.) To be an eligible applicant, the applicant company must be focused on at least one of the following areas specified below. Please select the option(s) that apply.

6.) Please, select all that apply: The applicant company is a

7.) Office space not needed to support manufacturing small businesses will be available to businesses that support manufacturing. To be eligible these spaces, an applicant must be a small business that

8.) Have you received incentives from any of these organizations in the past?

15.) How many company employees will be working at the Innovation Factory? *Please note that office spaces have a max occupancy of two people.

17.) Have you leased a workspace before?

Employee Demographics

Please, fill out this section describing your team to the best of your knowledge. This is confidential information and will only be reported by aggregate.

19.) Demographics by Ethnicity

19.) Demographics by Ethnicity
1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21+
Black or African American
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
Hispanic or Latinx
Prefer not to respond

20.) Please, describe how many people belong to the following educational attainment categories

20.) Please, describe how many people belong to the following educational attainment categories
1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21+
Master's degree
Bachelor's degree
Associate's degree
Some college, no degree
High school diploma or equivalent
No formal educational credential
Prefer not to respond

Tenant Requirements

21.) Expected move-in day

Date Picker

25.) An improvement is a physical modification to the leased area that is required for tenant to conduct their operations. Will you require any improvements to the maker-space area?

25-1.) Upload information regarding space improvements and enhancements including specifications and safety measures. Modifications will be subject to panel approval

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Please Provide the Following

*Tenants must fill out and submit a Form 1295 with the Texas Ethics Commission. For more information visit

26.) Upload business plan or proforma

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27.) Upload pitch deck

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28.) Articles of Incorporation

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29.) Certificate of Fact or Certificate of Authority from the Texas Secretary of State

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30.) Proof of signatory authority

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Billing Contact Informatiom

31.) Full Name

34.) Billing Address

COVID-19 Impact

Please check the boxes that best describe the impact of COVID 19 on your company

35.) My company has been impacted by COVID 19 in the following ways

36.) Please upload supporting evidence of negative economic impact of COVID 19. (Can use items such as profit loss statement.)

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