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El Paso Public Library




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Full Name

Parent or Legal Guardian Name ( for applicants under age 18)

User Agreement:

I assume responsibility for all materials checked out with this card. I agree to abide by library rules, pay all charges, notify the library of changes to this information and report loss of the card. I understand that library fees are set by the City of El Paso City Council and are subject to change. I understand that I am responsible for my child’s use of library materials including the internet.


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Proof of Identity:

  • Unexpired United States government-issued photo ID 
  • If the date of birth is on the back of the photo ID, upload a picture of it.

Upload Proof of Identity:

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Proof of Residence:

  • If the address on this form matches the address on the ID, upload the ID again here 
  • If the address on this form does not match the address on the ID, upload one of the following: Texas vehicle registration, bank statement, utility bill (gas, electric, water), internet, satellite or cable TV bill dated within the last 60 days, current lease, mortgage, tax bill or voter registration, or current orders to Fort Bliss (military and dependents).

Upload Proof of Residence:

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