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Ride Along Program Request

The Department's Ride-Along Program is designed to promote a better relationship and understanding between police and the potential Police applicant. It provides an avenue to acquaint the potential applicants with the Police patrol program, and to improve their understanding of the law enforcement profession. Ride-along participants must be potential applicants for the El Paso Police Department.

Ride-along requests must be made via the link on the website. Requests should be made during normal business hours at least two weeks in advance. Police applicants will be screened, to include performing a warrants and background check. The applicant will present their ID and ride-along request to the region they are assigned for their ride-along. Positive identification will be requested and the Police applicant or potential Police applicant will have their background checked prior to approval.

By submitting a request for a ride along, you are acknowledging you’ve met the above listed requirements. Once you submit a request for a ride along, an El Paso Police Department representative will contact you via email to request a copy of your valid driver’s license and request additional information in order to process your request.

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