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City Clerk's Office

300 N. Campbell St., El Paso, TX 79901. First Floor.

(915) 212-0049


The purpose of this form is to request a release of lien on a certain property. Please review the process below:

  • Be advised that there is a fee of $6.00 for each Certified Copy of Release of Lien.

  • This fee must be paid with the Office of the Comptroller. (Instructions will be provided following submission of this form)

  • Once your payment is completed, you must submit your receipt to the City Clerk's Office.

  • The City Clerk's Office will prepare your document and notify you when it is ready for pickup.

  • If you need to request a certified copy for more than one release, you must submit a separate form for each address.


Please acknowledge that you reviewed the process and fill out the information requested on the next page.


Requestor's Full Name

Type of Lien

Lien Address